Chinas first A380 airline

China Southern Airlines A380 © AirbusIn October 2011 China Southern Airlines became the first Chinese and the seventh airline worldwide to introduce the A380. The first route connects two hubs of the airline, Guangzhou (near Hong Kong) and Beijing. Possible upcoming destinations are Paris and New York.

On board the A380

First Class im A380 von China Southern Airlines © AirbusChina Southern Airlines hat seine A380 mit 506 Sitzen bestuhlt und verfügt über eine der größten Economy Classes aller A380-Airlines. Erfahren Sie mehr über die Ausstattung der einzelnen Kabinenklassen.

A380 routes

First A380 of China Southern Airlines © AirbusIn October 2011 China Southern Airlines commenced their first A380 route from Beijing to Guangzhou. As not all flights between the cities mentioned are operated with an A380, please check here for flight numbers and times.

The A380 fleet

China Southern Airlines A380 © AirbusChina Southern Airlines has ordered five aircrafts type A380-841, of which the first was delivered in October 2011. Here you’ll find an overview on serial numbers, aircraft registrations and delivery dates of the different planes.