Soon to own the biggest A380 fleet

A380 passes by the Burj Al Arab © Emirates AirlinesEmirates started serving the Dubai-New York route with an A380 on August 1st 2008. The airline meanwhile flies from Dubai to Auckland, Bangkok Beijing, Dschidda (Jeddah), Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Kuala Lumpur, London, Manchester, Munich, New York, Paris, Rome, Shanghai, Seoul, Sydney and Toronto. They have ordered 90 A380s in total and will therefore soon own the biggest A380 fleet.

On board the A380

Welcome to the A380 Economy Class © Emirates AirlinesEmirates have equipped its A380s with 489, respectively 517 seats. On aircrafts of either configuration seats of the First and Business Class are located on the upper deck. Find more information on features of the several cabin classes.

A380 Routes

Emirates A380 © Emirates AirlinesEmirates operates the A380 from Dubai to dozens of destinations all over the world. Amsterdam, London, Manchester, Munich, Paris and Rome are on the European flight plan but most of their A380 destinations are located in the Far East, such as Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Shanghai, and Tokyo. Other destinations are Auckland, Dschidda (Jeddah), Melbourne, New York, Sydney and Toronto. As not all flights between the cities mentioned are operated with an A380, please check here for flight numbers and times.

The A380 fleet

Emirates A380 © Emirates AirlinesEmirates has ordered 90 aircrafts type 380-861 and will have the biggest A380 fleet worldwide. Today Emirates already has more A380s in service than any other airline, operating almost three dozens of these aircraft type. Here you’ll find an overview on serial numbers, aircraft registrations and delivery dates of the different planes.

Worth knowing

6000th Airbus aircraft © Emirates AirlinesEmirates’ 8th A380 that the airline received in January 2010 was at the same time aircraft number 6,000 that has been delivered to a customer by Airbus. The photo shows Emirates representatives and football players of the Hamburger Sportverein (HSV), a sports club sponsored by Emirates, at the aircraft delivery in Hamburg.

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